A cooperation between The Yme Foundation and W. Giertsen AS in Bergen has just started up. A compact Water Purification Unit, with capacity enough to cover the basic needs of 10,000 people, is now being tested.

The Yme Foundation has just started up the testing of a new Water Purification Unit that could be used in disaster areas. This exciting prototype, engineered by W. Giertsen AS in Bergen, is small enough to take place on a single-axel trailer though big enough to purificate 20 m3/h.

In part 1 of the testing stage, this unit was tested in «normal» Norwegian water with exceptional results. As our readers read this, the unit is already shipped to the province of Cabinda in Angola, for further testing with «normal» African water. Once there, the unit will run nonstop for a month and deliver clean water to a refugee camp with 1000 people for final evaluation.