By Irene Sandivaris

Bumelambuto has a tap station which Yme finished installing in December 1999. Bumelambuto has been receiving Angolan refugees from Dem. Rep. Congo and Congo. Many are refugees that left Angola 25 years ago and must now return to Angola. The refugees had no water, no food, latrines, nor homes.

There were originally 90 refugee families residing in Bumelambuto in several buildings that housed an old Portuguese-built vocational school (one of theses buildings is pictured above.) , now there are about 60 families living there. Yme is now working together with the villagers to construct homes for the refugees that have been living in abandoned buildings since they arrived. An area was cleared a couple of months ago but building was delayed after mines were found in the area. A new area had to be found and it was, not too far from the village. The new area has (in record time) been cleared of trees and is ready for construction. The refugees are looking forward to their new homes. The Relegador of Bumelambuto has been most generous and opened his village to the refugees. When asked why he welcomed them into his village and even into his own home he said: The earth is beautified by people. The warmth of Cabindans never ceases to impress me.