By Manfred Arlt

The day of the inauguration was well chosen, because the 11.11.00 is the 25-th anniversary of the independence of Angola. The 15-minute inauguration of the water tank in Pedreira was symbolic for all water sites rehabilitated by the Yme foundation in the last two months in Uige. It represents the protected spring and improved access way with a simple bridge in the suburb Papelao Rio Paco, the protected spring area with access way and bathing place for women in the suburb Candombe novo, the protected very shallow spring in the suburb Capote and the shallow wells, bathing places and laundry in the village and IDP camp (Internally Displaced People) of Kituma, which is situated about 6 km outside Uige- town.

The suburb Pedreira, named after a nearby place where a company smashed stones, has about 8 400 inhabitants and is divided in three zones. About one third of the population might be IDP’s. The suburb has three water- points. This water point was before the construction work a pit of muddy water that was fed by a pipeline, coming form the protected spring. There was not enough water of good drinking quality. To ensure the quantity of water required for the population, Yme built the water- tank to store water during the night for distribution during the day. Before the construction a large amount of people crowded around the outlet of the pipeline to get its share of water at each time of the day. Small fights and disputes were common. The filling of the water buckets in the pit resulted in the mixing of mud with water. To alleviate this situation we installed a tap- stand with six water taps. The water is cleaner and hopefully more peace will reign this place.