By Andreas G. Koestler

Irmão Coragem, some 50 km southeast of Luanda, is a new village which will be developed during the next months as a site for internally displaced people. IDP families are moving to the site after the government earlier this year finally allowed for permanent housing and infrastructure developments. As implementing partner for UNHCR, Yme is in the process of implementing a first phase water supply system serving 1 000 families. Water is accessible 4 km to the west of the new settlement via a canal (see figure above). With support from the villagers, PE-pipes (polyethyl-ene a.k.a. plastic pipes) were welded and laid in a trench. Storage tanks were erected. Yme-Cabinda’s specially trained staff is supervising the technical work with the help of field assistant, Xavier and driver Lopez. Livia Fagerbakke from Austevoll and Finn Kaare from Oslo returned last week after having worked four and two weeks, respectively, for the Viana project for Yme in Luanda.