Yme borrer i Somalia

 The region of Hiiraan is a densely populated region south of Gaguduud. They have received little attention from international organizations and have had few humanitarian activities.

Together with our partners GSA and NorSom we have drilled a well in Labihiiran.

The village lies on the border between Gaguduud and Hiraan. It therefor provides us with a strategic opening for further work in this whole area. Situated by the road, this area is growing fast. The water situation was challenging and consisted only of water collection through the rain season in the 2-3 months of the year. Somalia has been hit hard by drought in recent years. The nearest permanent water source is 20-35 km away. In recent times the area has been isolated due to the troubled war situation in the country. They have therefore not been given humanitarian assistance before now. The whole Labihiraan area has been desperately in need of clean water. With the new well, the whole population of around 9000 people finally get access to the water!