Kintelle, Kongo1

On March 4 2012 an ammunition storage exploded in Brazzaville. Over 300 people were killed and a large residential area was totally damaged. Many thousands of people homeless. Geir Ommundsen of Yme is now in Congo Brazzaville to work on our water project. Here is his report from Kintelle.

 The first day I arrived , we drove through the area affected by the explosion last year , and it looked as if it had gone off a nuclear bomb in the area. Faustin and Bernard from ECCO told that when the armoury exploded there was a mushroom cloud up from the area just as we have seen from Hiroshima pictures. Many of the thousands of homeless have been granted temporary residence in Kintelle . The SIS school in Kintelle got 400 more students . It has been set up three barracks with a total of nine classrooms to accommodate the additional students . Now the water system we installed in February 2012 will really become usefull and benefit a lot more people. Both children and parents get good clean drinking water. This well has gained the reputation of having the best water , so many come here to get there drinking water. Water supply for body and laundry washing they might get closer to where they live. When we got to Kintelle the pump was turned off because the water tank was full, but when we turned on the solar panels we looked at the water meter that the water poured into the tank. It’s an amazing experience to see again the project one has built a year ago is running just as good as then. The tank was completely sealed and no leakage was seen. It is satisfying to see that this project provides life-giving water supply to so many people!

Regards Geir Helge Ommundsen


SIS skolen i Kintele med en av de nye skolebrakkene bak til høyre. Her får nå husløse skolebarn etter eksplosjonen i Brazzaville undervisning. Bak til venstre ser man litt av solanlegget som Yme satte opp i fjor

SIS school in KINTELLE with one of the new school barracks behind to the right. Now hosting homeless school children after the explosion in Brazzaville. Behind to the left you can see a bit of solar panels Yme installed last year