After 20 years of war, many young Somalis have no education and no job. Many youngsters therefore end up within military groups or  in the pirate community. Our partner Ethembeni in South Africa has developed an education model to suit these conditions.IMG_1909 - web

Since 2006, Yme and its partners GSA and NorSom has contributed to a huge improvement in infrastructure in Galmudug and Mudug region. This will not lead to the development of the community without responsibility for the operation and maintenance is taken seriously. There is a huge demand for vocational education in the region.

Today’s biggest challenge in vocational education is the perception of what is right professional quality. This applies especially to the teachers. Yme will therefore work to set standards in interaction with teachers and work with the mental changes in both teachers and the skilled workers . Acceptance of low academic quality has been part of the system. We will highlight what is acceptable quality , and the benefits this brings, both in terms of reputation and in terms of professional pride . The modular system require very high quality and the student is not approved to proceed work before he has reached the standard.
It is a costly program to be in African context. We believe , however, that vocational education can not have the big classes that are common in Africa . Classes should be no larger than 15 students . It is not just a classroom , a teacher and chalk and some books needed . It takes a great deal of material for training in vocational education.

We start with four courses, and will add new courses every year. The school is close to a hospital and midwife and nurse are subjects that we want for women . We see it as extremely important also to have a good offer for women in the area.

When students walk out of school they will have an assurance that they have expertise that can compete with the best !

During March 2013 the builiding and construction of the school will start and soon we will start training teachers .