Geir i Goma

Yme CEO Geir Ommundsen is back in Goma. It is six years since Yme worked here. – Now we want to find a good partner to help. This time with vocational school so that people here can can rebuild all that is broken, he says.

Mugunga refugee camp in Goma in DR Congo  was established in 2003 with the support of Yme. The Nyiragonga volcano had a major eruption and thousands of people became homeless when 30 % of the city was covered by lava. In just three days Yme added 2.5 km pipeline with three pumps to get water up to the 7500 homeless that had lost their homes in the lava. Cleaning system , water kiosks and sanitary facilities were established. Then came the civil war in 2007. People fled to Goma from the M23 Army and other rebel groups. It was natural that they settled in the to the part of town where drinking water was existing.. Today, more than 16,000 people live in the Mugunga camp , and there is a large majority of children under 15 years. One of Africa’s largest waterorganisations, Oxfam , has since expanded the water system with multiple tanks and piping . The problem is the water demand has increased dramatically and the original 90mm pipes must be replaced with 200mm pipes. Our sister organization Yme Grandes Lacs has now been assisted to do this important job . It has recently broken out cholera and  a significant job with hygiene training needs to be done. Mugunga is only one of three large refugee camps in Goma .

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