This week was so positive. We had the manager of GSA  at the school and he met with the trainers and explained the new time table to them, which was good.

During our training of Module 5, we discussed various plans and the trainers managed to identify the plans correctly. We started on floor plans and also did elevations and sections.

When we did floor plans, we took the measurements of the offices and toilets and they had to do scale drawings of that. Later we compared the plans of the trainers and they could see how important it was to read measurements correctly off the plan.


During the lessons on elevations we took the floor plans and went outside the building to look at the different elevations and they could see the different walls, windows and doors. We did the same when we discussed sections so that the trainers could see the section of the workshop from the roof to the floor. The trainers then had to do 4 elevations of the workshop on paper and the main idea was for them to draw that they could see in front of them.

During practical lessons we revised the modules on electricity and the trainer, Mohammed Ali, helped the engineer to show him how to do connections. This was not done in the training cubicles because that would take too long. Next week we will test installations and then move to plumbing or plastering /tiling workshop.


For plastering and tilling, plumbing and bricklaying we had to assemble and clean the wheelbarrows and move the bricks and blocks to the bricklayer workshop.

We reserve Thursdays for trainers to prepare lessons and tests and to practice lesson presentation. This week Thursday, Murqtar (bricklaying), Yussuf (plumbing) and Mohammed (electrical) presented lessons on Module 3 (health and safety). Each of them had 25 minutes to present the lesson and give examples and 20 minutes, for questions and answers. We also had a simulation where the trainers acted as students who were playing in class just to see the reaction of the trainer. This was all recorded and it was very interesting to play back the videos and discussed the various presentations.

Josè – Training coordinator