This week Ubergsmoen has been the scene of a fictional transit camp. More than 150 students from Tvedestrand and Amli college have put theory into practice by calculating water needs of 3,000 people. They have calculated the need by using Sphere handbook, drilled a well and tested water quality.

The students from various vocational schools like construction, natural resource management, health, sports etc, could relate much to their schoolwork. Health students thought it was particularly interesting to analyze water samples and understand how bacteria behave. Since some of the water samples were taken at the end of the sewage treatment plant in the lake close by, some of the groups identified e-coli bacteria. The exact point for taking the water sample had to be found using boat and GPS and the sample was taken with professional water sampling equipment and later analyzed in the Yme mobile laberatorium.

Water samples

Water samples

Vocational carpenter students found that they could use the same principle to calculate the angel from watertower to well as when they determine the angle from on roof Constructions! So here were many links. But the most exciting for many was probably the drilling a well.

This water workshop is part of the cooperation between the Yme and Tvedestrand and Amli college that has become a “Yme college”.

Students will work one day each to rise Money for a Yme water Project.

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