School teacher Asad Quasim from Norway, spent the winter school holiday in Mozambique to learn about the “Yme-method”. Asad is norwegian-somali and came to Norway as a refugee when he was very young. Now he wants to help at Prof Addow Vocational Training Center in his homeland Somalia. We sent him to our program manager in Mozambique to learn more about the evaluation methods and to see the vocational school Yme built up there during 2009-2011.


By: Program manager vocational schools, Du Toit Kanfer

We arrived in Vilankulo on an extremely hot and humid day and were met at the airport by staff from the Archipeligo Resort.  Signs of the high temperatures and humidity were noticed very soon and Asad’s face told the story of an experience he was not used to.

Once settled in our rooms Asad and I had time to get to know eachother better. It was evident that he was very keen to learn more about the vocational training system and that he was focused.

During our discussion it was clear that, because of his background and his field of experience, he would easily cope with this type of training.

On Monday morning I introduced Asad to the administration and principal of the school and we discussed the purpose of our visit as well as the way we thought it would be most effective for him to gain the necessary experience in the workshops and we were given the go ahead to make the necessary arrangements with the trainers.

Each student has a toolbox where they keep most of the tools they use during the training course. Helmet , overall, level , ruler and hammer. Asad

The afternoon was spent visiting the different workshops, got to meet the trainers and we decided on the following schedule for our visits:

  •  Tuesday – Plumbing
  •  Wednesday – Plastering/Tiling
  • Thursday – Bricklaying
  •  Friday – Electrical and Welding

The workshops in Vilanculo

The centre still follows thesame time table where they spend the morning session on the teaching of the theoretical part of the training and from about eleven the groups split up to go to their individual workshops.  We were therefore forced to follow the same pattern and did our own discussions of the different practical modules in the morning and the actual practical evaluation started once the students were back in the workshops.

As predicted earlier, Asad did not have a problem fitting into the system and managed to do the evaluations on his own.  Although his experience is mainly in the field of electric/electronics training, he coped well with the other fields of training once he understood what he should look out for.  With his enthusiasm, knowledge, practical approach and friendly nature he will be able to contribute to a large extent to the training in Somalia.

Photos of the practical evaluations:

Evaluating plumber

Evaluating plumber

Evaluation bricklayer

Evaluation bricklayer

Asad in his right element with the electritions

Asad in his right element with the electritions

Some good news about the Vilankulo Training Centre  is that although the financial support which they get from FDC does not cover all their expenses, they do have a few smaller projects which help them to stay afloat. They also get support from the new Director of FDC who visited the centre while she was still appointed in another position at FDC and could experience the growth of the centre over the years.  The fact that Graca Machel at present also plays a more prominent role in the management of FDC, helps the centre a lot because she is the driving force behind the continuous financial support from them.

The fact that former students get jobs, motivate young people to do well at school. I am impressed how dedicated and disiplined the students are. Asad


To get the certificate means a good chance of getting a job for the youth in Vilanculo

To get the certificate means a good chance of getting a job for the youth in Vilanculo

The good news about the students who successfully completed their courses last year is, that because of the certificates which are proof of their training, they are all employed at a project just north of Vilankulo where 100 house are being built by a South African contractor.  This contractor only employs qualified workers which mean it is of benefit to past students and an inspiration to those who are presently enrolled.  What a good story!

Many girls attent the courses in Vilanculos

Many girls attent the courses in Vilanculos. Asad is impressed how this girl finished the work first of all!