Prof Adow Vocational Training Center

The very first students of Prof Adow Vocation School in Galkayo have almost completed their course.  They look forward to getting their diploma and dream of getting a job.  Some have already started to work besides attending school.

Some students are as young as 15 years old

Some students are as young as 15 years old

The first group of students had quite a start because they were privileged to contribute towards the expansion and development of the property.  They assisted in building a few new buildings, fenced the school campus, prepared drainage and made a great facade showing that they are incredibly proud of their school.  The good thing is that behind the nice facade that we see, the school has been filled with good knowledge, good equipment, good curricula and practical work of good quality.

Students and the trainers in electrical trade

Students and the trainers in electrical trade

The “Yme method” is modular and every module is being evaluated.  The student may only proceed to the next module when 100 percent pass has been achieved.  If a student has not passed, he/she must redo the module until a pass without errors can be achieved.  This motivates students to do well and it leads to a positive focus on delivering high quality work.  Students also benefit from doing practical work with local entrepreneurs in Galkayo.

It’s not just students who work hard, but the teachers are also motivated and are constantly trying to grow in their profession and develop their teaching methods.

The demand for vocational education is high and the school is now running parallel classes both morning and afternoon.  This is pretty impressive.  The school offers students a hot meal a day because many of them come from very poor conditions and some are very young and need nutrition.


We are proud to have female students in our vocational trades and plan to introduce more courses specially for women


The school is named after Prof Adow who was a very popular minister in the government.  He was particularly interested in education and understood the importance of it.  Adow was killed in a bomb assassination along with several students during a graduation ceremony at the hotel Shamu in Mogadishu in 2009.


Here are some pictures taken during the last month at the school: