Thanks to the efforts of almost a thousand students at Sam Eyde high school in Arendal, Norway, youth in Vilanculos , Mozambique , finally gets oppertunity to educate themselves in tourism. In April this year students in Arendal raised about 170 000 NOK which has financed the first phase of this new course at the vocational school in Vilanculos . A school that has been built up by Yme with support from NORAD during the period 2009-2012.

October 1 the first class of 20 students started the new tourism course. There are 13 students in restaurant management course and 7 students n the reception course. Two teachers are brought in from Maputo and the curriculum is nationally approved by Technical and Vocational Education Reform Project  (PIREP). Students will take their final exams in April 2016 and have an approved , certified education.

Stor glede da bar-møblene kom på plass i klasserommet!

– The course works very well and the two teachers , Helena Samanta Alfredo Chambule and Nelson Jose Mula , do a brilliant job , says headmaster at the school,  Angelo Xerinda .

– All students come from the local community and from poor conditions . Young people who would not usually have the opportunity to take an education like this, he says.

Xerinda says further :

– The growth in tourism means an opportunity for the youth in the district . Finally it happens! It is a great pleasure that the youth in Vilanculos now get this opportunity, and we are incredibly grateful for the help from Sam Eyde High School in Norway.

There has been a request from the school and the youth in Vilanculos for many years to get such a course at our vocational school which so far has had great success with traditional craft courses.

All pupils come from the local community and from poor conditions . Young people who would not usually given the opportunity to take an education that this

– It’s sad that hotels in the area are hiring foreign workers and employ people from Maputo located more than 800 kilometers away. The hotels have said that they want to make use of local labor , but have not found expertise locally. Especially English knowledge is scarce and it is a ” must ” in the tourism sector. English is a very important subject in this course, he says.

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