Yme’s CEO since 2006, Geir Ommundsen, has decided to retire later this year.

Even though Geir Ommundsen only retires later this year, he will resign as a general manager already now. He will serve as a special advisor for Yme until retirement in November. In order to ensure a good transition, CFO and Program Manager for Somalia in Yme, Thore Andre Thorsen, will temporarily take over as CEO of Yme.

–In this way, we hope to ensure a good transition and secure some of Geir’s excellent expertise. At this stage it is important for us to inform our supporters and donors about the changes in the organization, says the new CEO, Thore Andre Thorsen.

Serious illness in close family has prevented Geir from traveling and completing water projects in Congo recently.

–Now, it looks like I’m going to travel to the Congo in July, and I’m very excited about it. I hope we can present more finished wells in the Congo in a couple of months, says Geir Ommundsen.

–Thore Andre Thorsen has been a key person in Yme’s management for the last 4 years. Thore Andre has a passionate commitment  and Yme is in good hands under his leadership, he continues.

Geir is still dedicated to Ymes projects and wishes to contribute also after retirement.

–Fortunately for us, Geir wishes to assist Yme as an advisor and consultant also after retirement. Together with our skilled partners, we will continue to work for sustainable development in developing countries in Africa, “concludes Thorsen.


CEO Geir Ommundsen with the new CEO, Thore Andre Thorsen,