Yme was founded on the belief that idealistic professionals and volunteers can ease the situation of the poorest through responsible use of science and technology.

Yme was born in the late 1980s by a group of specialists in geology, hydrology and engineering. They came together with a vision to contribute to the development of rural areas in Africa. In 1993 Yme registered as a Norwegian political and religious neutral humanitarian organization.

Profession orientated

From the beginning  Yme stood out from other aid organizations by being especially profession orientated. The original founders wanted , through their technical expertise, improve the solutions chosen in the water and sanitation projects in developing countries.

The Yme Foundation quickly became an organization with a lot of expertise around water  and from mid -1990s, the organization operated as consultants for other Norwegian development actors to implement water and sanitation projects in Africa,  Asia and the Balkans .

The hallmark of Yme is to be a small and efficient organization with specialists that on short notice can provide solid solutions adapted to local needs.

The need for skilled labor was clearly

In 2003 Yme established a new program – vocational education. Working on water and sanitation projects the need for skilled labor became very clear.

Yme investment in vocational schools is also justified on the basis of the UN Millennium Development Goals , where education represents one of the most concrete measures to reduce poverty. Vocational training is important in the development of the manufacturing sector as developing countries relies on in its development.

Anchoring the local partner organizations

In our work , Yme focused on working for specific marginalized groups and direct the work towards the poorest regions of partner countries , where few other contributers are active. Moreover Ymes goal is that projects must be rooted in local partner organizations , to ensure both the government and local community ownership of development projects .

Ymes main principle is to be a catalyst for development.

From Oslo to Vegarshei

From the establishment of Yme in the 80s , until 2006 , the organization’s office was in Oslo. However, in March 2006 the administration office was moved  to Vegarshei in Aust – Agder.

As a relatively small and specialized organization, Yme is depending on a local and professional and technical involvement. This commitment is found in the Agder counties and since 2006 Yme has managed to establish this commitment .

Yme aims to be a meeting place for developement interested people in the region.