Drilled wells

Yme currently has two drilling rigs in operation. One in the Republic of Congo and one in Somalia. The boreholes are between 60 and 250 meters deep. It is drilled both in the rock and in sediments.


Hand dug wells

With water sources down to 15 meters we often use hand-dug wells. In these types of wells, it is often mounted manual hand pumps.

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Piped systems

In Somalia, one often finds good drinking water far from where there are settlements. The longest pipeline Yme laid from a water source to a village is 23 km long. Yme’s goal is that people should not walk futher...


Rainwater cathcments

In very dry areas rainwater collection is very important. The population observe where the water collects after a rain and large tanks are digged into the ground to collect the water. Another method is to use water drains from...


Water trucking

In crisis situations, it is often necessary to transport water by trucks to where the people are. During the drought in Somalia in 2011 Yme contributed with delivery of water to 40,000 people in need.



It is not enough to provide clean drinking water to improve the health situation. Also the hygienic conditions has to be improved. Therefore, good latrines is an important part of health care. Latrines are often constructed so they also...


Spring protection

Villages often built as close to water as possible. Often by the water spring. The source (s) can be improved in both quality and quantity. To ensure the quality the source (s) is cleared and fenced. We stem and...


Hygiene training

Our aim with our water projects is to improve people’s quality of life and health. Hygiene training is crucial to achieving this goal. Training in the use of latrines and hand washing is an important part of this.

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Renewable energy

Africa has unlimited amounts of renewable energy such as solar, wind and water. For the further development of Africa will use of these resources be central. For our project in Congo Yme aims to use renewable energy only. Also...


Vocational schools

Vocational education has been a neglected area in many african countries.Africa’s leaders have become aware of the importance of a good professional education. Yme focus on vocational education based on methods developed in South Africa. As a specialized organization ...

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House building

When refugees return after war, the need for settlement and land for farming is huge. After the war in Angola, the Angolan authorities asked Yme to lead the construction of new villages with permanent housing.


Peace and reconciliation

The struggle for water resources may be reason for conflicts but also opportunity for peace. The methods developed for the local community to have joint ownership of water projects have led to development of peace talks ahead of the...


Community development

In rural development projects, we work with a number of social issues simultaneously. It may be within water, education, health, food supply, etc. Ymes goal is that we leave behind more than the specific projects. We hope what we...



Ymes participation in humanitarian and development projects must be something more than just transferring money. The added value Yme represents is the special knowledge in water and vocational schools. Therefore, transfer of knowledge is a fundamental part of the...