This is Yme

Yme is a Norwegian humanitarian organization that specializes in the areas of water, sanitation and vocational education.

Our values

The core principle guiding the Yme Foundation’s work is that we could — and should — do more to make the world a better place.We believe in universal human rights. But today there are still millions of people living in absolute poverty: Children and young people are deprived of the right to go to school and take a job. Many lack access to basic needs such as food and water. Yme anchors its work in five values:

1 Fairness

We see a moral obligation and convenient opportunity to help people out of poverty. We have a special responsibility for the weakest groups in society. Therefore, we prioritize marginalized regions and groups of people.

2 Transparency and accountability

We must be open and accountable in meeting with people , cultures and issues. We will listen to and encourage cooperation through dialogue with individuals, communities and governments.

3 Practical solutions that last

We aim to deliver solid solutions that are tailored to local needs. The most important guideline is quality of the planning , implementation and monitoring of projects . Our actions must also have a catalyzing effect leading to the development in other areas of the society.

4 Empowerment through participation

We do not look at the communities as aid recipients , but as active actors themselves that take control and manage the development of their lives and communities. We want the process leading up to and the result of our efforts will empower people, the partner organizations and social structures .

5 Excess value at home and abroad

Our actions in the project countries must be justified and the result should be an added value to the local communities that they or other local actors cannot deliver. The added value at home is that we should base our projects in immigrant communities and among people in the local community. We want to be an inclusive organization where people learn more about Africa and development and uses its commitment to helping others.

6 Innovative partnership

We seek close cooperation with businesses, education instituitions , research and political communities at home and abroad . We do this through innovative solutions that ensures exchange of expertise with non -traditional development environments.


Yme – aid organization in Aust – Agder

Yme is an aid organization in the norwegian province of Aust – Agder in Norway. As a small and specialized organization , we rely on a local commitment from people and businesses. This commitment is found in Vegarshei and Aust – Agder. We want to create a meeting place for aid interested people in the region and is working to establish links with business and cultural institutions in Aust Agder. An important part of our vision is to create commitment and increased understanding of the aidwork. We do this through active and targeted information campaigns . We also want to link up with immigrant communities and diaspora in the county.


Ymes logo illustrates the organization’s vision :



Social development and poverty reduction must begin with an empowering individuals.

The key element in the logo symbolizes a person who lifts his hands . We dont`t want those we help to be looked upon as passive recipients of aid , but active and empowered participants in their own development .

The drop symbolizes our tools: specific measures to meet basic needs such as water access and education. The drop is also a sign that our assistance will help to catalyze development in the communities we work in.

Just like the drop creates ripple effects can our collective efforts make waves. Together we can empower lives and build resilient communities!