Good local partners are crucial for projects to succeed. It is very imortant to Yme to be an engaged and present organization and work close with our local partners. In this way we are not only a donor in a distant country.

Working closely with diaspora groups in Norway have also been very important in Ymes work. A diaspora organization is an important bridge between cultures. Moreover, a local partner with a local network is crucial to the success of a project. Yme as a specialized development organization comes in with technical supervision and administration of projects. Together it is a symbiotic relationship that works incredibly well.

“It is rare to see such good and solid water projects that are so well rooted in the population. Here is the money spent in an efficient manner. There is a reportedly nice symbiosis between aid organization !”
(Christine Kamau, external evaluater Norwegian Consulting Group, Somalia  mai 2011)


General Service Agency (GSA)

DSC_6641General Service Agency (GSA) is non-governmental, non-political, non-profit seeking organization founded in 1992. GSA is Ymes partner in Somalia. GSA does all the  practical work and implenetaion of the projects. Yme is technically and administratively responsible for the projects. Preparation of applications and reporting is done in collaboration with Yme and is responsible to the donors (the United Nations, the Norwegian Foreign Ministry, UNICEF). GSA has long experience and has shown that they can take responsibility for significant projects in Somalia spread over large geographic areas. The relationship between Yme and GSA is characterized by both mutual respect and focus on work efficiency. Over the past year, GSA and Yme more than doubled the number of projects in Somalia.




NorSom is a diaspora organization with Norwegian-Somali members. It started with a few dedicated students at the agricultural university in Ås in 2001. The vision is to gather knowledge and competence to implement sustainable projects in their homeland. They are the first diaspora established in the Galcayo region.They have built three schools in this area, which today is taken over by UNICEF. They help young people with scholarships to study abroad, they mobilize doctors from Europe for one year contracts as well as providing vital medical equipment. In 2006 they took on the challenge of MFA to contact Yme to start water projects. This has been a close and fruitful cooperation. NORSOM participates in all Yme activities in Somalia, and is an important door opener to a country full of conflicts.

Midnimo Women`s Organization

DSC_4341 (2) 2

Yme and NorSom have since 2006 had a clear goal to ensure female participation in all projects in Somalia. To ensure that women were included in the decision making processes, we entered into a partnership with Midnimo Women’s Organisation (MWO) in 2007. In the beginning our Somali partners and MWO were skeptical of such cooperation, but things soon started to happen across gender roles.They saw that this was actually exciting, and that it could contribute to better development and results of the projects.


Oniomwa skolebarn

SIS is an unique collaboration between 10 schools in Norway and 14 schools in Congo-Brazzaville. Each school has its own friendship school that communicate with each other. Once a year schools in Grenland district of Norway have a solidarity campaign and collect funds to purchase school books, desks, and other student materials. SIS/ECCO have a partnership with the Yme Foundation about getting clean water to the friendship schools.

ECCO Forage


ECCO Forage was born through the cooperation with Yme and SIS/ECCO. They registred as a NGO in Brazzaville in 2013. Yme has played a great role in establishing and educating the drilling team. Yme also donated a drilling rig and a truck to the organization. Together we supply clean water to schools in the Congo.

Yme Grands Lacs


Yme Grands Lacs was established in the Democratic Republic of Congo in 2013. This NGO specializes in water and sanitation as Yme. It has been a great desire to get a sister organization in the Great Lakes region of central Africa. Yme Grands Lacs is an efficient and highly competent NGO and currently has 33 employees in North and South Kivu. They are passionate about what they are doing and work under difficult conditions. In addition to water projects they do hygiene training, development of sanitation and education campaigns for the prevention of HIV. They also offer a program to homeless children and women who have been raped by rebel soldiers.