The Yme Foundation is presently going through an exciting and interesting period with many challenges. Those of us sitting at the office in Oslo have the desire to further materialise the excitement one gets when standing on the threshold of a new project and a new epoch.

Running development aid projects is not easy. There have been many failed projects. Therefore it is with respect to the confidence shown to us by NORAD that we begin this work. In the vision we create, we would like Yme to be a catalysator. From chemistry class at school we remember that a catalysator is a medium that strengthens an on-going process. When we talk about development, we take it as a premise that every individual in every community has a desire for and work for developing itself economically, socially and culturally. It is therefore important for Yme that the affected group of people already stand in the center at the concept-phase of the project.

The people themselves must define the problem areas along with possible methods and activities to solve the problem. The material and economic growth one sees as a direct result of a project is not a proof of development.

We believe that a lasting and sustainable development is primairly based on mental and social changes which enable an individual or a society to make choices, and act in a such way that leads to long-term growth on a cultural, social and economic level. It is in this context Yme wants to be a catalysator, for processes wich have their origins in people’s will and desire for development.

To succeed with this task which lies ahead of us, we need dedicated people in Norway. These are the individuals and people from organisations and companies who feel that it is meaningful to work towards helping and encouraging others who have less, and giving them the opportunity to find their own strength in helping themselves do something about their predicament. We are grateful to those people already engaged in Yme’s endeavours and we hope to find more people interested in supporting our work in a war-torn country such as Angola.