Women as well as single men welcomed the laundry in the suburb Kakuia/Cidade in Uige

By Manfred Arlt
Last years planning for the water– and sanitation project in Uige/Negage preview an implementation period of 4 month until end of December. However, UNHCR as the main donor and administrator was satisfied with the results and decided to continue the project until June 2001. This new project period should serve to finish all water points with sanitation infrastructure from autumn 2000 and hopefully, some new water sites. Additionally, Yme was asked to do a similar project in Maquela do Zombo.

The rehabilitation of water points in Uige started at the beginning of March with the arrival of the project coordinator. The weeks before elapsed due to discussion about the budget. Yme prefinanced the project until the end of April in order to fulfil its obligations in the sub agreement with UNHCR. In this weeks Yme was also able to protect the first spring of the new series of water– sites in the suburb Papelao. This second project-phases is characterised by some major difficulties. The politico– military situation in the province of Uige seems more unstable than last autumn. Consequently, more logistical problems appeared that hindered the quick implementation of the project. However, the local population praises the achievements of the project, by contributing with voluntary work wherever needed.