About Yme

Yme Foundation work to improve access to water and sanitary installations in Africa. Furthermore we start and run professional schooling programs, based on the TVET (Technical and Vocational Education and Training) model. A model we are further developing into the TVET+ model.


"A TVET+ service hub is a vocational and technical training centre that integrates services for businesses and startups, in order to facilitate and promote quality and sustainable growth.

Currently the largest activity in Yme Foundation is the implementation of the 5 year, KfW supported TVET+ Programme in Somalia. You can learn more about the programme and activities here.

Our values:

We believe we can and should make the world a more fair place to live. We believe in universal human rights and work from a vision that access to water, food, education and work is the key to eliminate the powerty under which millions of people live today. We base our work on these six values:

  • Justice
    We have a moral obligation and a practical possibility, to help people out of poverty. We have a special responsibility towards the weakest parts of society. This is why we prioritise the most difficult and marginalised regions and groups of people.

  • Transparency and responsibility
    We must be open, transparent and responsible, in our meeting with people, cultures and problems. We must listen and encourage cooperation through dialogue with persons, local communities and authorities.

  • Practical, lasting solutions
    We must work fro solid solutions, adapted to local needs. Our most important focus is quality in each link of the project chain: planning, execution and evaluation/follow-up. Our activities must also have a lasting effect and lead to development in other areas of society.

  • Ownership and pride through participation
    We do not consider the communitieis in which we work as passive receivers of aid, but as active participants who take control and lead the development of their lives and society. Through actively engagin the local population from beginning to desired result, we wish that the people, partner organisations and society structures we work with, has to feel both ownership and pride of the work that is being done. This way we can make good, lasting solutions.

  • Development out and home
    Development out means that our projects must giv e results which the local communitieis themselves - or other players - cannot deliver.

    Development home means that we want to anchor all our projects at home with our local communitieis; both within local refugee-/immigrant environments and among other people in the community.

  • Innovative partnerships
    We seek close relationships with businesses, educational institutions, research communities and political environment - out and home. We do this through innovative solutions which ensures exchange og competency with non-traditional aid organisations and education of the local population.