Peace and Reconciliation

Yme has been engaged in peace and reconciliation since 2011 in South Central Somalia, collaborating with the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The approach to peace and reconciliation has been an introductory, bottom-up community-led approach of awareness-raising on peace-building conferences and training workshops. We have followed a four-pronged strategy each compartment playing its own unique role.
  1. Capacity building of crucial stakeholders. This ranges from community members to government officials
  2. Engagement with the Somalia diaspora groups in Nairobi, London, Minneapolis, Toronto and Oslo through visits and organised meetings.
  3. Peace and Reconciliation workshops where different clans have been provided with a neutral platform to discuss and iron out differences.
  4. Working with women to ensure their significant voice is heard and incorporated as the main component in mediation activities.

The activities aim to break the barriers of fear, prejudice, mistrust, and isolation among and between the clans, which is an unfortunate consequence of the long-lasting brutal civil war.
The end result is to build peace trust, prevent conflict and build the capacity of their communities and, local councils and civil society.