In order for our projects to be succesfull, it is crucial that we work with engaged, professional, experienced and present local partners. We do this in all the countries we are active in.

A close partnership with diaspora and descendants in Norway has also been an important part of the foundation of our work. Diaspora will often help to build bridge between the norwegian culture and the culture in the host country. While Yme contributes with funds, technical guidance and administrative competency - ouir local partners are responsible for the practical implementation of projects, long-term operation and maintenance and to ensure anchoring of the projects in the local communities. Together we create changes that work!

"It is rare to see good and solid water projects which are strongly rooted in the local population and community. Here the money is spend in an efficient way and there is a symbiosis between an aid organisation, diaspora communitieis and local partners which is a pleasure to see!"

(Christine Kamau, external evaluator Norwegian Consulting Group, Somalia)

gsa-big-30908.jpgGurmad for Sustainable Aid (GSA)
GSA is a voluntary, non-political, non-profit organisation founded in 1992 - and Ymes close partner in Somalia. GSA is responsible for the practical work with the projects, while Yme contributes with technical and administrative support. GSA has long experience, broad competencies and hugh trust amongst the somalians. They have proven capable of assuming responsibility for large-scale projects spread over big geografical areas. The relationship between Yme and GSA is chracterized by mutual respect and efficiency.

norsom-big-11324.jpgNorSom is a diaspora organisation made up by norwegian-somalians. Their vision is to gather knoweldge and core competence among the diaspora commnuity, to implement sustainable projects in Somalia. NorSom is the first diaspora organisation that established itself in the Galkayo-region in Somalia and has built three schools in the area which are today operated by UNICEF.

NorSom also assist youth with stipends in order to study abroad, contract doctors from abroad to work in Somalia on shoprt-time contracts and provide important medical equipment.

Ymes cooperation with NorSom began in 2006 and has since developed into a close and strong cooperation. NorSom takes part in all of Ymes activities withing Somalia and they are one of the most important "bridge-builders" we have.

Midnimo Relief Organization
Since the beginning in 2006, Yme and NorSom has had a goal to incorporate female participation in all projects. In order to make sure that women were included in the decisionmaking processes in our projects in somalia, vi entered into a cooperation with Midnimo Women´s Organization (MWO) in 2007.

Today the cooperation bears fruit; traditional gender roles are challenged and barriers broken, on a daily basis. All parties has realized how a vibrant partnership contributes to even better development and results within the projects. MWO work in cooperation with GSA to ensure that the local women are included in all processes - this is done through activities in the villages and raising awareness to the importance of women in society.