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When you make a donation, the donation itself can make a huge difference to a person or a local community in the developing world, Whether it be to provide clean drinking water, sanitary installations or pay for school or higher education.

But the biggest effect lies within the ripple effects. The meaning it has to the entire community when there is access to clean water, education and production/business environment, is significant. Here an example from Prof Adow TVET+ Center in Galkayo, Somalia:

Effect of a donation to Yme
For every 20 € donated to Prof Adow TVET+ Center, we can pay for the  education of one student for an entire year. With the 20 € donated, the school will receive other grants in the value of app. 180 €, which brings the total direct effect to 200 €.

Furthermore the calculated effects for the local community is around 3 times the investment in the school. So your 20 € donation makes an impact of 600 € in the local community!

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